Italian Slates Billiards Board Table

Italian Slates Billiards Board Table

Table Sizes: 12ft x 6ft, 10ft x 5ft, 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft 

Table Color: Dark Brown I Cherry I Golden I Silver I Teak I Matte or Gloss finishing 

Billiards Table Slates: Imported I Indian Italian I Granite Slates 5 pieces 45 I 38 mm with CNC Machine Leveled 

Table Cloth: 6811 32/30Oz I Sam Spain I 777 I 6565 Cloth I England Cloth

Table Cushion: Premium Wooden Block Cushion with high speed rubber I

NRC or Melien Rubber Cushion top on Billiards table 

Table Pocket: Imported Inner English Pocket I Brass Outer Pocket of International standards 

Table Legs: Pure hardwoods with full carving and turning as per design

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standard accessories. Imported Billiards table Rail cushion comes with polished Matte & cherry finished Billiards table:

Q: What are Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables?

A: Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables are high-quality billiards tables featuring slate playing surfaces sourced from Italy. These tables are known for their superior craftsmanship, durability, and excellent playing experience.

Q: Why Italian slates?

A: Italian slates are renowned for their exceptional quality and smoothness, which contribute to the accuracy and consistency of gameplay on billiards tables. They are carefully crafted to ensure a level playing surface, enhancing the overall experience for players.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables come in various sizes to accommodate different playing spaces and preferences. Common sizes include 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot tables, with some We offering custom sizes as well.

Q: What makes Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables different from others?

A: Apart from the superior quality of Italian slates, these tables often feature exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in their design. They may incorporate premium materials for the frame, legs, and railings, along with customizable options for finishes and accessories.

Q: Are Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables suitable for home use or professional settings?

A: These tables are versatile and suitable for both home and professional environments. Whether you're a casual player looking to enhance your game room or a serious enthusiast seeking tournament-grade equipment, Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables offer a high standard of performance.

Q: How do I maintain an Italian Slates Billiards Board Table?

A: Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the quality and longevity of your billiards table. Regularly brush the felt surface to remove dust and chalk residue, and periodically clean the slate with a damp cloth to keep it smooth and free from debris. Additionally, consider professional releveling and refelting as needed to maintain optimal playing conditions.

Q: Can I customize my Italian Slates Billiards Board Table?

A: Yes. We offer customization options to tailor the table to your preferences and decor. You may have choices in finishes, cloth colors, rail styles, and accessories such as cue racks and lighting fixtures. Discuss your preferences with us to create a personalized billiards experience.

Q: Are Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables expensive?

A: While Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables may have a higher initial cost compared to some alternatives, they offer exceptional value in terms of quality, durability, and playing experience. Investing in a high-quality table can provide years of enjoyment and enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Q: Where can I purchase an Italian Slates Billiards Board Table?

A: Call us 9990989899, 9643137147 to buy and purchase of an Italian Slates Billiards Board Table.

Q: Do Italian Slates Billiards Board Tables come with warranties?

A: Yes. We offer warranties on their tables, covering defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period. Be sure to review the warranty terms and conditions before making your purchase, and consider any additional protection plans or services offered by us.

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