Imported Standard Snooker Table

Imported Standard Snooker Table

Snooker tables are different in quality and design. The wood used in the making of this Snooker table is seasoned hardwood best Slates are used in place of the bed of the Snooker table. The thickness of the slates is 45mm I 38mm.The surface of the Snooker table is then given Melamine polish in several layers which are laid carefully one over the other to give the Snooker table a better shine, look, tone, quality and easier maintenance.

List of Accessories with Snooker table :

  • One set of new Snooker Balls. (22 Balls)

  • One scoreboard with runner & Pointer.

  • 4 Billiard Cues of ash wood of standard weight and size.

  • 4 fancy lamp shades.

  • One cue stands capacity of 6 cues.

  • One long butt cue.

  • One long rest.

  • One spider.

  • One short rest.

  • One Billiard brush.

  • One Billiard table cover for dust.

  • One Snooker triangle.

  • 12 piece Billiards Snooker chalks.

  • 12 pieces of Billiard Snooker Cue tips.

  • 6 Piece Hooks.

Q: What are the dimensions of an imported standard snooker table?

A: The dimensions of an imported standard snooker table typically adhere to the official World Snooker regulations. The standard size is 12 feet by 6 feet.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of imported snooker tables?

A: Imported standard snooker tables are often crafted using high-quality materials such as hardwoods for the frame and legs, and a slate playing surface covered with professional-grade cloth.

Q: Is the snooker table assembled upon delivery, or does it require professional installation?

A: The assembly process varies, but many imported standard snooker tables require professional installation to ensure proper leveling and alignment.

Q: What type of cloth is used on the playing surface, and is it replaceable?

A: The playing surface is typically covered with a special snooker cloth, often made of wool. It is replaceable, and cloth replacement may be necessary over time due to wear and tear.

Q: Does the snooker table come with accessories such as cues, balls, and a triangle?

A: The inclusion of accessories varies by supplier. Some imported standard snooker tables come with a basic set of accessories, while others may require you to purchase them separately.

Q: Can the snooker table be customized in terms of finish and design?

A: Depending on the model and design, there may be options for customization in terms of the table finish, color, and design. Check with the supplier for available customization options.

Q: What maintenance is required for an imported standard snooker table?

A: Regular maintenance involves keeping the playing surface clean, ensuring the table is level, and inspecting the cloth for any signs of damage. Professional maintenance may be recommended periodically.

Q: How heavy is the snooker table, and is it easy to move if needed?

A: Snooker tables are substantial and can be quite heavy. Moving the table requires care and often professional assistance to disassemble and reassemble properly.

Q: Is there a warranty for the imported standard snooker table?

A: Warranty terms vary by model and price, so it's important to check the warranty details provided by us. A warranty may cover structural issues and manufacturing defects.

Q: Can the imported snooker table be shipped internationally, and what are the associated shipping costs?

A: Shipping options and costs depend on the buyers and his location. Check with us for information on international shipping and associated fees.

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