Imported Official Billiards Table

Imported Official Billiards Table

We have tied-up with certified vendors who assure us about the quality of the material that

we used for Billiards table manufacturing. Thus, the Imported Billiards table finished products comply with high quality standards. Being a quality-conscious firm,

we ensure that the offered Billiards Table comply with the laid industry standards and are of supreme quality.

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standard accessories. Imported Billiards table Rail cushion comes with polished Matte & cherry finished Billiards table:

Table Sizes: 12ft x 6ft, 10ft x 5ft, 9ft x 4.5ft, 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3.5ft, 6ft x 3ft 

Q: What is an "Imported Official Billiards Table"?

A: An Imported Official Billiards Table refers to a billiards or pool table that has been manufactured or produced outside the country where it is being sold and is designed to meet the official specifications and standards set for professional billiards play.

Q: What are the standard dimensions of an Official Billiards Table?

A: The standard dimensions for an Official Billiards Table are typically 9 feet in length, 4.5 feet in width, and the playing surface should measure 100 inches by 50 inches. These dimensions are regulated by official billiards organizations.

Q: What materials are commonly used in the construction of Imported Official Billiards Tables?

A: Imported Official Billiards Tables are often made from high-quality materials such as hardwoods like oak or maple for the frame and slate for the playing surface. The cloth used for the table's surface is usually a durable and smooth material like worsted wool or a wool-nylon blend.

Q: Does the Imported Official Billiards Table come with accessories?

A: Depending on the model and price, an Imported Official Billiards Table may come with a set of billiard balls, cues, a triangle rack, chalk, and a brush for table maintenance. However, the specific accessories included can vary, so it's essential to check the product details.

Q: How is the leveling of the table maintained?

A: Maintaining a level playing surface is crucial for a billiards table. Imported Official Billiards Tables often come equipped with adjustable leg levelers. These levelers allow the table to be balanced on uneven surfaces, ensuring a fair and accurate game.

Q: What is the warranty provided with an Imported Official Billiards Table?

A: Warranty terms can vary between models and price. It's recommended to check the product specifications and warranty information provided by us. Warranties typically cover defects in materials or workmanship and may have specific conditions and timeframes.

Q: Can an Imported Official Billiards Table be disassembled for moving or storage?

A: Yes, most Imported Official Billiards Tables are designed to be disassembled for ease of transportation or storage. This typically involves removing the legs, unbolting the frame, and taking apart the slate sections. Assembly instructions should be included with the table.

Q: How do I care for and maintain my Imported Official Billiards Table?

A: Proper care involves keeping the table clean, brushing the felt regularly to remove chalk and dust, and avoiding placing heavy objects on the table. It's essential to follow the care instructions provided by us to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the table.

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