The Rules of Snooker - EXPLAINED

The Rules of Snooker - EXPLAINED - Anil Mishra (Tanishq Billiards

hello and welcome to the rules of snooker play on snooker table.

Rules of the game we hope you enjoy it and join the millions of people who are already playing in over 80 countries worldwide the game of snooker has been around for over 100 years and is played by people of all ages with the rules being the same wherever you play it is easy to pick up a cue and play in just about any country basically in snooker the way it works is that a player scores points every time a ball is potted into any pocket in the end the player with the most points wins more details about the point system will be explained in a later section the snooker table.

let's begin with the snooker table 

itself in comparison to the average pool table which measures 4 feet wide and 8 feet long a standard snooker table measures 6 feet wide and 12 feet long as you can imagine this is a big difference when you are trying to pot a small ball now to make things a little more challenging the pockets on a snooker table are actually smaller than that of a pool table so a bigger table with smaller pockets means that more precision is required another difference between these tables is that on small tables if a ball hits the rails just before the pocket it usually will still go in not so on a snooker table thus again better precision is required when combining these facts together you can see that concentration plays a very important role in snooker the snooker balls there are a total of 22 balls used on a snooker table one white ball 15 red balls and six colored balls the colored balls include yellow green brown blue pink and black while the value of all the Reds are all equal at one point each the colours.

Each have different values from least to most the color values are yellow with a value of 2 points green three points brown four points blue five points pink six points and black 7 points while there are some exceptions the general rule in snooker is that you must first put a red ball before potting a colored ball the choice of color is always yours to make so red color red you color red color etc when a red ball is potted it stays in the pocket you and when a colored ball is potted he gets taken out and placed back on its assigned spot which is the same spot for that color every time when there are no more Reds on the table the game concludes with the potting of the colors in the order of their values starting from lowest to highest so you begin with the yellow ball then green brown blue pink and then black if necessary at this stage when there are no more Reds on the snooker table once a colored ball is potted it remains in the pocket the cue while it is okay to use a cue that is used on the smaller pool tables most players prefer using a snooker cube when playing snooker both types of cues are very similar 

However snooker cues have a smaller tip allowing for more precision the weight and height of the cue you choose to use is a personal preference the extensions due to the unusual size of a snooker table there will be some shots that would be impossible to reach without the use of the extension a regular extension or sometimes called a rest or a bridge is used when the cue ball is somewhere near the middle of the table sometimes the cue ball might be even further down the table where a long rest or bridge is required finally sometimes the cue ball is in a position which is impossible to hit without striking towards the top of the ball for these instances a spider is used for that purpose starting a snooker match a snooker game begins with the ball set up in their proper positions this is the same setup for every game the 15 red balls are tightly packed together and set up in a triangle the colors are placed on their assigned spots finally. the cue ball can be placed anywhere in the D section of the table for the break off the red balls are placed between the black and pink ball spots with the top red ball being placed right below the pink ball spot without actually touching the pink ball the break off the brake off begins by placing the cue ball anywhere or within the lines of the D section at the top of the snooker table unlike in pool where the goal of the break off is to smash and spread the balls as hard as possible in sneakers break off the goal is to release the least amount of balls as possible so as not to leave your opponent with too many options the ultimate break off is to leave the cue ball as close to the back cushion as possible preferably while not leaving your opponent a clear shot at any Reds.


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