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hi welcome to Tanishq Billiards I'm Anil Mishra and in this field we can be taking you through our buyer's guide to pool tables there are five key things to think about when buying the right pool table for you the first you get to decide whether you'd like to get an American table or an English table and second thing is what size is going to brought for you both for the room you're going to put it in and the type of game you want to play the third thing is to decide whether you like to get a pool table or maybe a pool dining table so you can get dual use out of the space that you've got available the full thing is to decide whether you'd like to be made out of solid words or I'd like to have an MDF based table using a laminate finish and the fifth point is about the accessories so you'll get a bundle accessories come with the table but what are the things you do you think about buying to go with the table to make sure that you can make the most of what you've purchased okay.

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So the first decision to make is do you want English or american pool the main difference between these two types of table is in the size of ball that's used for English you've got a 2-1/4” inch size ball which is here and you see the rack of balls there and then for american it's a two and a quarter inch ball that quarter inch doesn't sound like a big difference when you used to see the measurement written down but when you actually physically see the difference in the size of the balls it does make a huge difference in the type of pool that you going to be playing

so we've got two cue ball there you've got the American one and then you've got the English one you can see there's a big difference between the two but if you when you compare them to the size of pocket so this is a English pool table and when you put that cue ball in the pocket you can see that it's the right size to the size of the pocket if you put the American Pool one in there it does look massive and that is the real big difference.

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so another difference between American and English tables is in the type of cloth that is used on the table on an English table is just like a snooker table it's got a nap so it's got a furry surface and that runs from the bulk end of the table down to the black spot in and you can run your hand across it you can feel the grain where you going with the grain and then going against the grain on an American table the cloth doesn't have any NAP on there so it's it's not directional you can go in one direction or the other words you put your hand across it it makes no difference and it plays a lot faster than English table so English cloth has got a furry surface to it an app which is directional which goes this way and then an American cloth has so you can just see the weave of the cloth there and it isn't at all directional and it's a lot faster as are sult okay so the last difference to look at between the two types of table is the type of cue that's used on an American table because the ball is so much larger the tip is larger it's at 9-10millimeter tip and it uses a plastic ferrule on the q and this absorbs the shock when striking the ball on an English table because the ball is smaller it's a two inch ball as we've said you use a much smaller tip between 8 and 11 millimeters in size and it alsouses a brass ferrule there to attach the tip to the pool cue okay so the second thing to consider then is what size table to go for and this will depend on whether you go for an English table or an American table English tables come in either 6 foot 7 foot or 8 foot sizes 6 foot table as most people buy if they're buying it for the home and don't have enough room for a 7 foot table or may be pubs if they're a bit tight for space but 7 foot size tables is generally the size of people will buy because this is the size that's used in local pool leagues in the UK pool tour in the World Championships they'll all use a 7 foot size table some cousins will go for an 8 foot size table and that's if they want to play pool but also if they'd like to also play snooker because we can sell snooker balls in 2 inch sizes so they fit the pockets perfectly and will come with 10 Reds otherwise you can end up with too many balls on the table if you went for a 15 red set going to go for an American Pool table then they come in either 7 foot 8 foot or 9 foot size competitions are played on 9 foot sizes but a lot of people's homes in the UK don't have enough space for a 9 foot table so that's where 8 foot or 7 foot will come in but obviously you still get the fun of being able to play with the larger size balls it's easier to play on the English pool so for a family that just want a fun game then maybe American pool table would be the type of game to go for ok so when you're trying to choose which size table to go for remember that when you're looking at on the website and you'll see it says it's a 7 foot table for example that refers to the external measurement of the table so this is where you measure literally from one end of the table down to the other the external side this is actually a 7 foot table it's an English pool table so it's 7 foot when measured from end to end the other thing to consider then is the play field size and this is a different size so you measure that from the inside of the cushion to the inside of the cushion here and we'll see that it's six foot so when you're measuring your room bear in mind that when you're looking at a seven foot table the actual playing surface is six foot and the width is going to be three foot and that's what you need to take into consideration when you're deciding what size table to buy so this is a six foot by three foot playing surface but on the website you'll refer to as being a seven foot table okay so taking this table as an example this is a seven foot table with a six foot size playing surface and this is a four foot queue so when you're measuring it you need to take into account that you going to be using this cue to the edge of the cushion here and working out what amount of space you need is cueing room behind so your four foot one end four foot down at the other end six foot playing surface here so you add those all together that means that you therefore need to have a 14 foot long room to be able to fit this size table in the width like we said it's always going to be half the length so it's three foot playing surface in size again you've got your four foot cue either side so that's eight foot plus a three foot playing surface here means you have 11 foot width available to you so to fit this table into your room you need to make sure you've got fourteen foot by eleven foot in size available.

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The third choice to make is do you wanna get yourself a pool table or we don't have a pool dining table now the table we're looking at here is a pool table and you can tell that the difference between the two is where you've got adeeper start of cabinet and this is really where traditionally this type of table would have a coin mechanism in there and so it's got the deeper cabinet to be able to accommodate that and it would have a ball draw and you'll be able to see the window with where the balls go along when they've been potted now a lot of customers buying tables for home they don't need to have a coin mechanism and so you can reduce the costs by not having that in there but they still want to get that same style of table that sort of look for their home so they might want a more traditional style table or a more modern style table we've got a whole range that are available and they're all come in this style we've got the deeper size start of cabinet so the other option is to go for a pool dining table which I'm said out here and you'll notice that the depth of the cabinet is far more shallow and this allows me to be able to sit a tit easy get my legs underneath you've got sixty seven centimetres on this particular model of this between the underside of the cabinet and the floor and this enables of you as Isay to be able to sit at it comfortably from the floor to the top of the dining table is 82 centimeters which is roughly speaking the same sort of height that a normal dining table is so this gives you the opportunity to get dual usage from your dining room these become incredibly popular now for people that want to be able to both play pool and have a dining table in their homes you can have your friends round have dinner then with the tops off and have a game of pool the fourth choice for you to make is to decide upon how you'd like your pool table to look and this will dictatereally the style and the type of material that is used to make the table this comes down to a matter of budget between ₹65,000/- and ₹95,000/-

you'll get yourself a slate bed pool table and it will be made of either MDF or plywood or wooden construction this will then have a laminate finish applied to it which is this so you take your wood that will then be applied to the MDF and this looks really good and it's very hard-wearing it's available in a whole range of different wood style finishes and lots of finishes which aren't wood in style so you can really get the type of look that fits the room that you'd like the table to go in if you're prepared to spend a bit more money you want to go over ₹95,000/- and you'll be able to get the beauty of real-word the table we've got here is an good quality Pool Table this is made in solid cherry and it's absolutely fantastic you've got a beautiful grain this has been applied with a natural stain and it looks fantastic so we can do I'll raise different words so it may all be oak or beach or cherry or tulip woods and then we can apply arange of different stains to that word so you get the beauty of the grain and then you can get the color which is going to match the type of decor that you'd like for your room so really the choice is yours we've got lots and lots of samples available in the showroom here if you'd like to come out of a local you can give us a call and we can send them out to you you can also get a range of paint finishes as well in a whole range of colors  so whatever look you're after we would be able to help you onto the fifth and final part nice to take you through the accessories that you receive at the table if you've gone for an English model then you'll get the Reds and yellow balls if you're gone for American then you get the larger spots and stripes you'll get the correct size triangle to go with whichever set of balls you're receiving and of course you'll get the chalk for the cue in terms of cues you'll get a you get a pair of full-size cues to go with the table and that really comprises the standard pack of accessories some tables will come with a few more pieces but that's a simple basic set in terms of upgrading or adding to that it's a really good idea to consider a few extra things I'll just take you through some of the things for you to have a think about first of all is in terms of cues if you've got younger players or a bit tight for space then a 36-inch cue like this could be a good idea we also do 48which is this one or a 54 which is here it's also a really good idea to upgrade your cue you get very simple basic cue supply with most tables as standard but you can really improve your game by choosing a better quality cue this particular.

it's made in ash it's a two piece cue and will really improve your game play in terms of balls it might be also an idea to go for a set of snooker balls you want to vary the game that you play this is a set of aramith balls this is applied with 10 Reds rather than going for 15 which you get with the standard sort of snooker set you might decide that you'd like to go for spots and stripes again with all those cues if you decide to get a few extras it's  a good idea to get a cue rack this is a wall-mounted one which I'll hold six cues or you can get a free-standing one like the one you see there that's made in brushed steel and hold six cues and it's a really nice design it's also a good idea to go for a brush you want to keep the playing surface of your cloth in perfect condition and a brush is essential to do that this is a 12-inchhorsehair brush it's a good idea to give the table a brush every single time you place to keep it clear of dust fluff and chalk from your previous game so that gives you a bit of a brief overview of all the accessories that you need if you need some more revised and obviously just give us a call or pop in and see us and we can run you through anything which you require ok so that brings us to the end of our pool table buyer's guide

hopefully you found it useful if you want some more information on any of the matters we've discussed in there are a load of other article soon our website to take you through an number of the other points such as measuring the pool table the differences between American and English pool so if you want some more detail check those out of course you can give us a call or pop into the showroom and we'll be happy to give you all the advice that you need

thank very much for reading.

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