How to Play Pool - Tips and Trick

How to Play Pool - Tips and Trick

alright I'm Anil Mishra (Tanishq Billiards) here now going to talk a little bit about how to play Pool and what exactly is the training process to get to a professional level a lot of drills I mean first you learn the basics you fall in love with the game people call it an addiction it's like worse than any drug you could get addicted to you know I still play like 5-6 hours a day on the summertime when I wasn't you know it's cool you're like the house instructor.
all right so before you actually start playing the game it's a good idea to know how to pick a cue stick yeah so what do I need to keep in mind what I want to pick one of these out are they what you want to do first thing go up and you look at the tips of course this one right here there's no look it doesn't have a tip okay this one right here this is a mushroom tip see how it's kind of overhanging around the way.

So once you have a couple options then you want to find one that's not too crooked okay that's where you take them over to the Pool table and you roll it on Pool table like that oh yeah like that big wobble that's not good yeah okay but I would actually take that cue over any of these because of the tip and I would just turn so it's kind of the same curve you can compensate but it's long as the has Goods tip on it.
if you have to I think that's the one here we go tell your weapon now my weapon the next step after picking your cue stick is shocking it what I get with these two fingers the cue okay and then control it with these three okay turn the cube with the left hand around to the left and then across to the right most people will just fill do this this is a brand new charm but a lot of times you'll find them where they have a bold out middle people stick it all the way in there and just twist it around all that really does is rub the chalk off of the tip oh and it makes a line around the ferrule I try to do that a hold of these drains this here. 

you'll be able to hear it wiping off from the tub I used to do my trainer told me not to do it because now it's moisture on the tape so what does reach or you quit every target and then you'll have some chalk overhanging on the edges right you can just wipe it off.
you're one of these in the excess might fall off but don't do this don't like poke wipe it on the Pool table you know if I dance in your cue and you don't want that in a buggy next would be to rack the balls or my night ball the legal way is a solid on one corner a stripe on the other corner eight ball in the middle they just kind of fix them up randomly then you just start out but by giving it a shot see were put your fingers back here and you squeeze up here and what you want to do is you want to line up the cue ball with one ball before you get down into your stance so aim while you're standing not when you're down position ready to shag yeah that's huge it's like you can look at one thing in pool today gonna change your whole your whole game after learning how to break like a pro critiqued my form and showed me how to properly create both an open-hand bridge and a closed hand bridge personally I like the open hand bridge technique myself then set me up for a few trick shots to impress my friends but as you can see I still need a lot more practice.

The beginning one of the biggest mistakes the players will make is to get down under stands before they've actually found their stroke and knife and now they're going to just try to just move  over in their balance and all this stuff so the idea is to find that line with your eyes you control over cue and then drop right in on your line if you do it right you can actually close your eyes once you're down there right basically this is the draw shot comes up all the time where you want to hit the object ball in the pocket and make the cue ball come backwards to set up for your next shot which in this case is the 8 ball so this is my scream it's my last ball before they eat ball and it's going to be hard if I just stop I want to draw the cue ball back words so I'm gonna hit the ball low it follows through there we'll have a spin on cue ball then come back. we have a cue balls a lot farther from the object ball but we still want to be able to stop the cue ball then I can stop and have a little spin but still stop what I'm doing is I'm going to play back the ball and I'm going to hit the cue ball low with a nice follow-through it's going to spin backwards all the way into the pocket the backspin the friction on the cloth is going to stop the ball from spinning backwards it's going to slide for a few inches and then it's going to start rolling forward if you can time it so the cue ball is sliding at the exact moment of the contact then the cue ball is going to stop right there.

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