Full Size Snooker Table

Full Size Snooker Table 

at Tanishq we regard a handmade full size snooker table as a thing of beauty this belief is as strong today as it is when the Snooker table to maintain a superlative standards a careful and considerate selection of materials and painstaking attention to detail are crucial in our quest to handcraft and install the finest snooker tables in the India we offer a full door-to-door concierge service this means you place your order and we take care of the rest wherever you are in the India.

Our fitters have assembled the snooker tables used in some of the greatest club in professional snooker they are used to creating a professional playing environment and will bring all of that experience to bear in every Snooker table they install and made by craftsmen in India.

the Tanishq Billiards is constructed from specially selected mahogany's and hardwoods this video shows a full size 12 foot snooker table which will be required to support around 1,200 kilograms of slate meticulous care must be taken to ensure that all parts are crafted to exact tolerances and specification parish de crap.

Snooker tables are also available in 10 foot 9 foot and 8 foot sizes each crafted with the same scrupulous attention we use only the best slate for the playing surface supplied by best snooker table slates manufacturers. supplier in the world that have been able to match our exacting standards and specifications although the surface is supplied in five pieces for ease of installation it is cut from a single piece of slate to ensure an exact match between sections and then lays a home to provide the smoothest serve as possible.

Our Billiards snooker pool table frames are designed with the unique adjustable slate support system these ensure that the slate is properly balanced to the frame and that the weight of the table is evenly distributed this is key to keeping the snooker table level over time we take pride in ensuring that the slate is leveled correctly and is installed square on the frame it can take up to an hour to properly level a slate table and to make certain that the joints and the slate are flush and seamless this part of the assembly is so fundamental to the eventual quality of the playing experience that our fitters will refuse to take shortcuts nearly right is not really right we cover the slate with scratch and cloth as specified for all professional tournaments and widely recognized as the best snooger cloth available. today many players do not realize the effect that the quality of the cloth can have on their ability to impart side spin and screw on to the cue ball when you use the very best the result is a better playing experience and an ability to develop your game further than you would on a lesser snooker table the quality of the cushions is a key factor in determining the professionals opinion of the overall quality of a table. our cushion response can end a break just as quickly as a miscue as you can see each cushion on an snooker table is hand dressed by craftsmen although this is usually done in the workshop prior to installation of the billiards snooker pool table the best quality professional tournament rubber is used and it is cut to international specifications cushions are fitted using tournament templates are specified with Tanishq Billiards galvanized steels for optimum response along the entire length of the cushion galvanized steel is a more rigid material than wood and professionals prefer the more consistent rebound that is achieved with this construction.

Tanishq Billiards only use the best accessories within our stick Aramith balls from Belgium recognized as the world's best scoreboards crafted to match the finish of the snooker table the finest wooden and brass rests and long tackle every element has been designed for luxury this is more than a snooker table it's a playing experience that cannot be equalled there is no substitute for a craftsman made and craftsman installed snooker table.

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